2018 U.S. Classic

With the 2018 U.S. Classic just around the corner, a final qualfier to the U.S. Championships and a chance for elites to practice new skills and routines, everyone is excited to see the returns and debuts of new routines from several athletes. The information for the competition is listed below.


July 28th

1:30 pm EST: junior session

7:30 pm EST: senior session

The HOPES Championships will also be taking place alongside the U.S. Classic on Friday, July 27th at 2:30 pm EST for athletes who have qualified to the event through previous competitions.

*Times are subject to change according to USA Gymnastics.


Schottenstein Center

Ohio State University

555 Borror Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43210

The link below provides information on buying tickets for the event.


We do not yet have access to the roster of athletes competing at the event.

Good luck to all athletes demonstrating new routines and attempting to qualify to the 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Boston, Massachusetts!!

*Photo via Getty Images (and Donald Miralle). All rights belong to the rightful owner(s).




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