Ashton Locklear Undergoes Knee Surgery

Following her recent surgery to fix torn ligaments in her shoulder from her injury at the 2017 World Championships, Ashton Locklear has undergone surgery on her right knee.

Ashton says, since she was seven years old, she’s had “a bad history of dislocating (her) patella”, which has held her back in the sport of gymnastics. The surgery to fix the dilemma, was done prior to June 5th and Ashton has been following through on physical therapy and rehab to bring her knee back to full shape, which she frequently shares on her snapchat story (her snapchat is: ashtonlocklear) for her fans to see. Along with her recent surgeries, she has made a move to World Champions Centre, training alongside Olympic champion, Simone Biles. We are hoping to see Ashton return to competition by next season as she prepares for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo of 2020.

Following the surgery, Ashton posted this picture on her Instagram, with the caption,

“today I had surgery on my knee to FINALLY fix something that has been a problem since I was 7 years old. I’ve had a bad history of dislocating my patella and it has held me back in this sport since as long as I can remember buttttt I’m happy to say that it was a successful surgery & i’m ready to come back BETTER than ever. I’m excited to see what i’m capable of without this problem in the way. #allthewayup #comebackszn#wccproud ⛽️🚀🔋”

We wish the best of luck to Ashton in her recovery process and look forward to watching her compete soon!!

*Cover photo via Getty Images. All rights belong to the rightful owner (Ezra Shaw).

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