Michigan vs Michigan State – Archived Updates

February 10th, Michigan vs Michigan State live updates. I’m getting started a little late due to some technical difficulties but Michigan started on vault with a 49.3 and Michigan State on bars with a 48.975. Be sure to refresh your page every few minutes for updates!! 

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5:28 – Michigan will take the win with a 197.250, a great score in this Flip for Chip meet to come back from the injury last week!! They also had a 49.4 on floor. Michigan State will finish with a 194.950 and a 48.475 on beam. A great meet with a great cause at this purple and teal meet. Olivia Karas will be missed but despite this injury we now know they are capable of putting together strong line ups even with an injury of such a strong gymnast!! And now, as always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!!

5:25 – Emma McLean – Michigan, floor – huge double tuck, lunge back. Tour jete full to jumps, good. Great form throughout!! Front layout to front full little step forward. Double pike to finish, STUCK. Michigan needed that to finish this solid meet they had going. 9.950!!

5:22 – Paige Zaziski – Michigan, floor – double pike stuck!! Personality showing in this dance. Tour jete half to straddle full, great. Front layout, front tuck half, supposed to be a full but she falls. 🙁 Double tuck and a big step back. Strong finish. 9.050.

5:20 – Shirley – Michigan State, beam – falls on jump series I think, I missed it.Wobble on full turn. Going fairly quickly. Kick over front piked, great.Gainer full on the side, good finish but Michigan State will have to count a fall.

5:18 – Brianna Brown – Michigan, floor, two and a half, good landing. Double pike, another good landing. Beautiful lines in this choreo. Switch full to split full, clean. One and a half to punch front layout, small step to the side but good routine overall!!

5:16 – Mitchell -Michigan State, beam, long wait on judges… Battle scars beam music lol. Back handspring step out, back handspring step out, layout step out, great!! Split jump, straddle 1/4, good. Showing good confidence especially for following a fall. Side aerial to full, little crooked, but good!! 9.825, way to pick up the momentum!!

5:14 – Lauren Farley – Michigan, floor, YAY COLLEGE DEBUT ON FLOOR!! She is following Lexi’s 9.9. Double tuck, great landing. Lots of character in her dance!! Double pike, controlled landing. Only the final pass to go… Valdez into the corner. One and half, front layout, stag jump, awesome routine for Farley!! 9.850.

5:13 – Anna Gamelo – Michigan State, beam, full turn good. Unique round off layout, GREAT!! Falls on side some, though. Dang. Front full stuck. Good finish. 9.325.

5:11 – Lexi Funk – Michigan, floor, awe I see Liv Karas on the sidelines dancing in a wheelchair. 🙁 Double pike, great landing!! Front full to front layout, knees buckle but she controls it. Double tuck, great landing again!!

5:08 – Sydney Townsend- Michigan, floor, went out of bounds last week on first pass. Front through to double tuck, great! Took out the double arabian (smart choice). Tour jete half to straddle full, beautiful. Double pike, great landing. Fun chores in the corner!! Whip to double full, solid leadoff!

4:58 – Michigan gets a big 49.425 on beam and Michigan State a 48.650 on floor. Michigan will lead after three rotations 147.850 – 146.475!!

4:57 – Emma McLean – Michigan, beam exhibition, back handspring layout step out, great. Falls on straddle 3/4 in jump series. 🙁 Wobble on full turn. Standing layout step out good. Moving pretty quickly. Round off one and a half, small hop.

4:55 – Lea Mitchell – Michigan State, floor – front through to double tuck, good. Front handspring, front full, front pike, solid. Fun dance section! Leap to straddle full, good. Dances out of it. Double pike, low chest but landed it. Overall a strong finish.

4:53 – Marinez – Michigan, beam – split mount, front ariel, little off, with wobble. Series, stuck, improvement from last week. Side aerial, nice. Jump series, beautiful. Double full dismount, stuck!! No falls so I guess her mom wasn’t in the crowd lol. 9.775.

4:51 – Shirley – Michigan State, floor – round off double pike, basically stuck, GREAT!! Double tuck but big step back, might’ve gone out of bounds, I can’t tell. One and a half to a low front tuck. Nice cover for what might’ve supposed to have been a layout? 9.6.

4:50 – Lauren Farley – Michigan, beam – Switch leap to straddle. Nice. Triple series, solid!! YAY! BAHAHA her hand choreography is matching the music in the background. Gainer pike off the end, stuck with an arm swing. AUUSHIDSAUHFIAWUGH!! 9.925!!

4:48 – Hendershot – Michigan State, Floor – double pike chest a little low but great control on lunge back. Second and final pass, front layout to front rudi, short with big step forward.

4:46 – Polina Schenikova – Michigan, Beam – finally not exhibitioning. BEAUTIFUL press handstand mount. Full y turn, nice. Flight series, to beat jump, great! Front ariel. Sheep jump, good. Side aerial to full, STUCK. GO POLI!!

4:43 – Brianna Brown – Michigan, Beam – cat leap, front ariel, good. Back handspring, layout step out, much better than last week. Side somi, stuck. Beautiful, floaty, round off double full, basically stuck.

4:42 – Trisha Brown – Michigan State, Floor – huge double pike, solid landing. One and a half punch front layout, solid crossed landing. Double tuck, lunge back. Good routine overall.

4:41 – Zaziski, Michigan, Beam – switch side nice!! Flight series, solid. Aggressive split leap to straddle 1/4, confident. Kick over front, little hesitant. Moonwalk to gainer full, stuck.

4:40 – Chappel, Michigan State, Floor – nice double tuck, tour jete half to split full, great. front layout, punch front full, slight leg separation, controlled lunge on landing. Nice!! 9.775.

4:38 – Lexi Funk, Michigan, Beam, new leadoff. Bhs, loso, stuck. Switch half, nice. Looking more confident than ever!! Side aerial to full, small hop back, nice.

4:37 – Michigan finishes with a 49.125 on bars and Michigan State with a 48.85 on vault. Michigan leads 98.425 – 97.825 after two.

4:34 – Emma McLean, Michigan, Bars, exhibition, blind full to tkatchev great!! Bent arms on overshoot, another blind full, slight hesitation to good double tuck.

4:32 – Paige Zaziski, Michigan, Bars, blind full little arch, to nice tkatchev, bail. Double layout hop back. Kinda lose throughout but good anchor routine.

4:30 – Brianna Brown, Michigan, Bars, HUGE ray, straight arm catch to nice pak, double layout, almost stuck. 9.875.

4:29 – Lupinetti, Michigan State, Vault, nice yurchenko full, little hop forward.

4:28 – Syd Townsend, Michigan, Bars, might debut a new double front dismount. Always hits her cast handstands. Shaposh, bail handstand. Does the double tuck but it’s great!! 9.850

4:26 – Shirley, Michigan State, Vault, yurchenko full nearly stuck. Great vault!! 9.825

4:25 – Schenikova, Michigan, Bars, love this toe point. Nice shaposh to pak, double back step back. 9.875

4:23 – Lauren Farley, Michigan, Bars, she flopped on her overshoot in warm ups pretty bad let’s see if she can pull it together. piked jaeger, slight leg separation, beautiful bail handstand, double front dismount huge step forward. 9.75

4:22 – Lexi Funk, Michigan, Bars, nice blind full, huge tkatchev, overshoot is a little low, nice double lay small hop forward. 9.775

4:16 – Lexi Funk replaced Olivia Karas on vault and will do so on bars, as well.

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