Olivia Karas Tears Achilles

It seemed to be as if this was the breakout meet Michigan had needed. Great vault and bars rotation, outstanding 49.325 on beam, all they had left was floor. It came to Olivia Karas. Individually, she had been having a great meet of her own. Floor was an easy event for her and shouldn’t give her problems. And it wasn’t. Until the last pass. A double pike. She had struggled with it early on in the season, missing her grasp on her legs or not getting enough set, but it’s not like it was common for her to mess the pass up. Her set this time was slightly lower than usual. She pulled around, but to her knees. A gruelling landing on the ankles and she lays there for a few minutes, this is how you know it can’t be good. She doesn’t stand up but is carried off the floor and it’s a season ending injury. Now, the even tougher part for Michigan, finding people to fill in on each event somewhere in the line up. It’s gonna set them back, but surely not destroy them. Overall, injuries aside, it was a strong meet for them improving their status to 4-1. Good luck to them in their meet next weekend against Michigan State and best wishes to Olivia in a speedy recovery. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!!

Photo via Getty Images.

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