Simone Biles is back in the gym with…

The Landis!!

At this point, it’s kind of old news but I figured it’s better late than never.

Simone Biles returned to training roughly three days ago with new coaches Laurent and Cecile Landi. The Landis, who both left the Texas gym WOGA prior to the start of the summer, were looking for new job opportunities as coaches and when WCC opened up for a new women’s team head coach, it was the perfect fit.

Laurent and Cecile bring what will be a new style for Simone to the table. Simone who is usually competing powerful routines is now being coached by coaches with a history of producing gymnasts with long elegant gracious lines. It will be interesting to see how these two styles mix.

One things that I’m most excited about is a new floor routines for Simone. I wonder if she will bring more of a slower dance style to the competition floor. I don’t necessarily see her changing her routine dances too much but it will be nice to see if she does. Also, one skill Simone has never been able to compete is a shaposh half. She can do a triple twisting quad back off beam and a quintuple full on floor, but she’s never competed a shaposh half. On the other hand, the Landis have never really coached an athlete that hasn’t competed a shaposh half. To say the least, this will be interesting….

In conclusion, what it came down to was the best choice for Simone as she hoped to return as strong a gymnast as she was before. And in the end, this made the Landis the best fit for the job. I can’t wait to see how this works out as Simone hopes to return to competition by summer 2018.

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