Qualification Line Up: U.S. Men

As the competition portion of the Montreal World Championships nears, teams are starting to think strategy, and list their line-ups for the qualification round of the competition. The start list for the U.S. Men during their competition on October 2nd is as follows:

Floor exercise: Moldauer, Penev, Whittenburg
Pommel horse: Kimble, Moldauer, Naddour
Still rings: Moldauer, Naddour, Whittenburg
Vault: Moldauer, Penev, Whittenburg
Parallel bars: Kimble, Moldauer, Whittenburg
Horizontal bar: Kimble, Mikulak, Moldauer

The competition for the U.S. will start on vault, and Yul Moldauer will be the only all around competitor for the states. Coverage of the world championships can be found on the Youtube Page: Double Full Gym Blog

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!! 🙂

*Photo via Getty Images.

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