U.S. Worlds Teams

After a long much needed break, I am making the return to the world of gymnastics blogging!! As I make a slow re-entry back into the blogging world, I will not be following a schedule, but rather posting as important events pop up. So, to get us back on track, let me start with a short post listing the U.S. World Championship Teams!!



  • Marvin Kimble
  • Sam Mikulak
  • Eddie Penev
  • Alex Naddour
  • Yul Moldauer
  • Donell Whittenburg

Replacement Athlete(s)

  • Akashi Modi
  • Allan Bower
  • Colin VanWilcken



  • Ashton Locklear
  • Jade Carey
  • Morgan Hurd
  • Ragan Smith

Replacement Athlete(s)

  • Jordan Chiles


Competition begins next week for these teams and we wish them the best of luck!!


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!! 🙂


*Photo of Ashton Locklear via Getty Images.

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