5 Routines That as a Gymnast, You Have Got to See

Gymnastics is a sport of great thrill, excitement, and enjoyment. We are grateful to have such talented elite level gymnasts, that entertain us with jaw-dropping routines, putting us on the edges of our seats. However, some stand out more than others… Here are some that you just have to watch:

5. Nadia Comaneci, Perfect 10, Bars, Montreal 1976

This routine is hard to get by. It was the first ever routine to receive a perfect score. There is no other way of getting around it…


4. Viktoria Komova’s Fight to Try and Win All Around Gold, Floor 2012

Floor, what is known as one of the Russian gymnasts weaker events, proved just the opposite on the summer night in 2012, when she gave it all she had to try and win the all around gold medal. She was the final competitor in the competition. And even though she missed out on victory by a very small margin, it is still for sure, not a routine to forget.


3. Aliya Wins Bronze on Floor at 2014 Worlds

Suffering from a bad virus, it was unsure of whether or not Aliya Mustafina of Russia, would even be able to compete at the 2014 World Championships. A fall in the all around left her off of the podium. However, as the last competitor in the floor final, she had a shot at glory. Upgrading her routine, she was able to sneak onto the podium for a bronze medal. However, the best part is her reaction when she gets her score. 🙂


2. Olga Korbut Bars Final 1972

Olga Korbut had a thriller bars routine that was so enjoyable to watch. Her high flying “Korbut” release was a fan favorite. In 1972, she performed a great routine to score a 9.8, and win the silver medal in the bars final. Watch her unique routine below:


1. Aly Raisman Clinches Team Gold As Final Competitor on Floor

It was the 2012 Olympic team final. Alexandra Raisman was the final competitor. To win the first team gold for the United States in 16 years, Aly would need to finish up strong. She performed a stellar routine, one of her best. But the ending reactions are heart touching, and the most priceless…


In our opinions, these are some of the most legendary routines, that all gymnasts deserve to see. Not to mention, there are several others that could be included in this list. Don’t forget to comment which other routines you would involve as a routine that “all gymnasts should see” and…

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!! :))

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