Ellie Downie Makes History In Cluj

2017 marked the first time since the beginning of the European Championships that this meet was hosted in Romania. And 2017 marked the first time ever that a GB gymnast won the gold in the all around at a major international competition. This Britain is Ellie Downie. To some degree, she may now be considered a legend. Her dominance (if you will) in the sport was foreshadowed back in 2014 when at the Youth Olympic games she took the bronze in the all around.  However, it was what she did at the championships in Cluj this year that established her mark on not only the European but also the international level.


Through qualifying in the top rankings during the qualification round, Ellie was permitted to begin her competition on vault. She was a bit later in the lineup but still managed to score the second highest vault score of her rotation.  Her clean double twisting yurchenko with a slight hop back was rewarded with a score of 14.566.



Bars tends to be another one of Ellie’s stronger events. Coming out of the same gym as former European bar champion, Becky Downie (who is also her sister) also surely helps. From high flying realizes to clean form Ellie gives the whole package on the uneven bars. Her connections also set her ahead. From a maloney she connects a hindorff helping her gain extra connection tenths. In the end, Ellie was given a score of 14.3, the second highest of the night.



Beam tends to be a weaker event for Downie (in consistency and difficulty) and it somewhat showed in her all around final performance. But also consider that even though it is one of her weakest events, she still made the European final and placed fourth in it. This proves her overall strength in the sport. Anyway, with wobbles on her double turn and acro series, she gave away a couple of tenths but was able to get through without any falls. Ellie scored a 13.066.



Floor is probable Ellie’s strongest event (on most days). And this was shown in the final. She needed a good score to take the all around title and it was hard for her to achieve this. Her routine is packed with difficulty including a huge double twisting double back tuck, and a 1 1/2 through to double arabian in only her first two tumbling passes. Downie finished strong and scored a 13.833, the highest score of the meet. This was enough to give her the title by just over three tenths.

Congratulations to Ellie in making history!! Good luck in your future endeavors!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a soon NCAA Men’s Championships recap!! 🙂

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