Victoria Nguyen Makes Her Mark – Wins Silver in London

It’s been awhile. But after a much needed break, I’m black and blogging.

The world cup series for 2017 have been ongoing for awhile now, but what seemed to be the most exciting one yet was the London Cup that happened earlier this morning. First year senior represented the U.S. in only her second international meet as a senior. Coming off of what could’ve been a better showing (other then her prelims beam routine) at the City of Jesolo Trophy Meet just a week ago, Victoria was hoping too redeem herself her in London and land herself a spot on the podium. And that is surely what she did.


Starting her competition on vault, Victoria was looking to make a strong debut to the meet. Her entry to the table from her roundoff was slightly crooked but her form in the air was nice and she landed with only one step out of bounds. Victoria scored a 14.166 which was goo enough for fourth place.


Nguyen next went to bars where her high flying difficult skills called for gasps, “oohs” and “ahas” from the crowd. Her execution was nearly as nice as her difficulty aside from the occasional slight knee bend that we often see from Victoria.


On beam Victoria brought to the table and INSANELY difficult routine which was additionally, topped off by immaculate execution. She was one of only very few gymnasts in the competition to not come off of the apparatus. For what may have been technical errors or little things (or just her big wobble on her aerial back tuck connection) that as a non-judge I don’t see, Victoria was given an extremely low execution score for the respective routine she performed. However, this is just from my personal gymnast/gym-nerd, standpoint and I am not an experienced judge. After the beam rotation, Victoria was in 2nd place heading into the final event.


Floor was the final event of the day. And Victoria needed to put up a strong performance to challenge for the top place and the podium. And that’s what she did. However, it was the performer(s) left to go after her that challenged her first place spot. Victoria’s beautiful execution and fairly difficult routine is what gave her the edge to grab the 3rd place spot on the floor exercise. And in the end her 13 flat (a good score on floor in the new code) was enough to grab her the 2nd place silver medal, only seven tenths away from first.

Overall, Victoria Nguyen showed a strong performance in the world cup of London. I’m excited to see what the future will bring for her! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!! 🙂





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