My Top Three Favorite Moments from 2016

With a new year in, and the old year out, it’s time to reflect on last year’s experiences and look forward to the ones to come in the new year. And to celebrate the new year, we’re joining you in reflecting upon last year’s occurrences. So to do our part, we are sharing with you, our three favorite moments in the gymnastics world from 2016. Counting down from three, in the spirit of the new year (just like they count down from three to see the ball drop) we begin with…

3. Diversity on the Podium

Often it is teams from the big four that we see standing on the podium in the end. However, this Olympics we had a wide variety of teams on the medal stand in the end. Giulia Steingruber won Switzerland a bronze on the vault. Amy Tinkler from Great Britain won a bronze on floor. Sophie Schemer won a bronze on uneven bars. Other countries were contending in the finals, mixing it up also,  Hong Un Jong of North Korea was in the vault final, as well as Dipa Karmakar of India, Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan, and Shallon Olsen of Canada.

Photo via Getty Images.

2. Brazil Impresses on Home Territory

With the Olympics being hosted in Brazil, the home team’s performance was expected to be slightly better, however, not too much was expected from them. This all changed, after Diego Hypolito performed a nearly perfect floor routine enough to get him a silver medal. Moments later, Hypolito’s teammate, Arthur Nory, executed a flawless routine enough to put him in the bronze medal position. Moments later they would realize that the final standings left them with Olympic medals. The moment was moving. Watch below:

Watch Diego at 3:35
Watch Arthur at 13:37
Watch their reaction at 27:54 but also throughout

Via Youtube Channel Alina Zhym

1. Aly and Simone Dominate All Around Final

Our favorite moment of this year was when Aly made a comeback for her 2012 Olympic experience and Simone finally got the medal in the all around she deserved. It was such an amazing moment for them and for us to witness.


Photo via Getty Images.
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed a joyous and celebratory new year! Stay tuned for more as the NCAA season begins this weekend!! 🙂

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