Routine of the Week: Epke Zonerland 2012 High Bar

In this week’s edition of the routine of the week, we are featuring Epke Wonderland’s extreme high bar routine from the 2012 Olympic high bar final. Full of huge release combos (plenty of kovacs’) and difficult connections, Epke’s routine in the final started at nearly an 18.0. His execution was also just good enough to win him the gold medal by just over a tenth. Unfortunately, changes to the code did not benefit Epke in this recent quad and he was not even able to make it onto the podium in this year’s Olympic games, placing seventh. Hopefully, next quad he can improve and hence, make it into the Olympic high bar final and successfully finish in the Tokyo Olympics, four years from now. Without further ado, enjoy Epke’s high bar routine below (from the 2012 Olympic high bar final):

Via Yury Veshkin youtube channel.

Amazing! Am I right? He scored a 16.533 out of a 17.9. Be sure to comment down below suggestions for the next edition of routine of the week! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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