Valeri Liukin – National Team Coordinator

Valeri Liukin (who as of just recently) is now the national team coordinator for U.S. Women’s Gymnastics. Valeri’s passion and dedication to the sport of gymnastics prove that he is perfectly fit for this role. Not only does he have what it takes to be as good of a national team coordinator as the Martha Karolyi but he also has places that he can add to the team. Such as bars, where he has trained many champions on the event at the gym he once coached at, WOGA. Bars is also considered a weaker event for the Americans so Valeri should be an asset to the team in that area. Liukin, father and coach of 2008 Olympic all around champion and a two time Olympic champion himself, says that he plans to make little to no changes to the program that they have used for the past 15 years or so. He claims that the program has worked very well (which it has). Valeri seems to have what it takes to coach yet another generation of young athletes to glory and we can’t wait to see how this new coaching position will turn out for him!

Photo via Getty Images.


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