Who to Watch: Superhuman Simone

Lots of excitement is included in the Olympic games and sometimes it’s hard to know what to have on your Olympic watching marathon list (I don’t even know what I just wrote lol). Well, at the very top of your list should be to at least watch a few of Simone Bile’s routines…

1. Keep an eye out for Simone’s sky high vault(s) which I am hoping will score a 10.0 in execution (even though I’m sure it won’t).

2. You won’t see Simone on top of the podium in the bars final but she still has a really nice and clean set. However, her difficulty isn’t quite high enough for her to contend for a medal on this event.

3. Biles has a very sturdy yet occasionally inconsistent (go ahead and rage about that in the comments because I don’t care) set on beam featuring many difficult skills and she is definitely one to look for on top of the beam podium in finals.
4. Simone has legit the best floor routine in the universe. Not just the world. The universe. This wonderful routine includes high flying tumbling with very amusing dance. This is probably the most difficult routine in the world right now as well as one of the cleanest. Simone will definitely be on the podium for this routine!
Ok thanks for reading, I had a lot of fun writing this article so I really hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more Olympic previews and updates as the games near!*
*This was written prior to the start of the games.
Photo via Getty Images.

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