How to Get Your BRAIN in Gymnastics Mode – Summer Edition!!

As much as we hate it, school does keep us occupied. So, without it, we often catch ourselves wondering what to do. Well, with the Olympics now only a week away, it is time to get your brain into gymnastics mode. And here are some perfect ways to do not only that, but to also free yourself from boredom for the rest of the summer:
  1. Handstand Contest

This activity is not only fun, but quite easy to do. Grab a bunch of your buddies and head outside. Take a string, or rope, to mark as the ending point and kick up. Walk (on your hands) until you see the rope. The winner gets epic bragging rights!

     2. Gymnastics in the Pool

Are you sad that season is over? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Get some fellow gymnasts and jump on into the pool. Show off your sick flips and tricks off the diving board, throw some standing fulls underwater (do this in the deep end so that you don’t get hurt), and do some kips on the noodles. Have you’re friends give you scores and you can compete against each other! *HINT: this leads into my next idea…

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       3. Run a Gymnastics Competition

Set up an outdoor gymnastics competition using homemade (look at next idea) or bought gymnastics equipment. Have some judges, and meet officials, as well as competitors. Feel free to run the meet how you’d like, but just remember, safety comes first!

    4. Homemade Equipment

Buying gymnastics equipment can be expensive and a hassle. Why not make your own?! Here are some great resources to help you get on your way to make your own home gym!

Make this DIY Gymnastics Beam at Home for cheaper than $10 and in a very short amount of time:

Follow these instructions to make your very own set of sturdy gymnastics rings. These rings can also be used for cross fit workouts!

Thought that was a lot, well now you can make your very own gymnastics bar for under $40 if you follow these instructions:

This one takes a little more time and may be a little more expensive, but guess what? You can build your very own high quality mushroom using this site: http:

And of course with all your new equipment, you’re going to need some mats. Now you are probably going to have to buy the mats, and this can be expensive, however, I did find what looks like a very good mat for only $60 (which sounds kind of expensive but is a good price for mats):

     5. Make a Healthy Smoothie

Really, you can google any healthy smoothie recipe, make it, and share it with your friends. But one of my favorites is this Basic Fruit Smoothie which I believe I found off of Vitamix a few months ago.  All you need is:

  • A blender
  • 1 cup of your choice of milk (soy milk actually tastes really good with this)
  • 1/2 of a medium sized banana that is peeled
  • 1 thick sliced pineapple with the core, halved

Next, you’re going to combine all the ingredients into your blender. Turn machine on at the lowest level of speed and slowly increase the speed until you are at the highest level. Blend for a good 30-45 seconds (depending on how smooth you want the smoothie). Then serve.

I believe that this smoothie tastes much better if it is served right away!

For more great smoothie recipes check out these sites:

*You don’t have to use only recipes from this site, you could also blend together some of your favorite fruits or vegetables and some other healthy snacks, with yogurt or milk and it should taste great!

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   6.  Netflix!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Netflix but whenever it is a rainy day or you are just tired from a long practice, feel free to sit back, relax, and watch a GYMNASTICS MOVIE! Now, I’m not sure if ALL of these are available online but I know that some of them are:

  • Stick It
  • A Second Chance
  • The Gabby Douglas Story
  • Nadia
  • The TV Series, Make It Or Break It
  • Kukolka
  • Gymkata

Because, I mean why not? And who doesn’t love Netflix anyway?!

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        7.  Set Goals

Set goals for yourself to complete at practices throughout the rest of the summer. If you accomplish them all, maybe you can get your parents to buy you an ice cream cone!! 🙂

      8. Have Fun!

Summer is a time meant for rest and fun! Take advantage of it well you can and just HAVE FUN! But of course, don’t forget to watch the Olympics!!

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And if it is who you should watch in the Olympics that you’re wondering… Let me tell you, Laurie Hernandez and Sam Mikulak are the ones to watch (lol)! 🙂

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!


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