Will Russia Be In Rio?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent drama that is Russia. And I’m sure you’d like to know if they’ll be in Rio. To answer that for you, well, I don’t even know where to start. Um… yes? Ok. Well, they are definitely going to be in Rio, but they’ll be in Rio in many pieces.

From the way I understood it, a bunch of members of the IOC sat down in a room and talked. They just talked and talked. For awhile. To be specific, they discussed what it is that this Russian team was held guilty, or innocent, of for quite some time. As you probably know, this whole situation was caused due to Russia being accused of doping. However, it was the Winter Olympic Games athletes that did all the doping and stuff, SO, the entire gymternet (including myself) didn’t seem to understand what it was that could have possibly prevented these gymnasts from accomplishing their lifetime goals! Well, thankfully the IOC answered our prayers and Russia is now heading to Rio. Besides, without Russia in Rio, the gymnastics portion of the Olympics would’ve been much less ‘exciting’ and ‘dramatic’. 

As I said before, Russia is going to Rio. And that is for sure. But they’re going in pieces. “What is that supposed  to mean” you ask? Well, let me explain. The teams going to Rio are:

MAG:  Belyavski, Kuksenkov, Ignatyev, Nagorny, Ablyazin (last names)

WAG:  Paseka, Mustafina, Melnikova, Tutkhalyan, Spiridonova (last names)

Of course, being Russia, we know these teams aren’t ever definite. Especially considering the injuries that seem to leave Russia in pieces this year. Or at least for the women. 

1. Maria Paseka’s back injury is troubling – her participation will be decided on a doctor’s checkup on August 3rd.
2. Angelina Melnikova has injured her hamstring and will be competing watered down routines
3. Extra care had to be taken in proving Natalia Kapitonova’s doping record for the Games.  The young gymnast hasn’t competed much abroad, so it took time to gather the necessary evidence. They are considering completely banning her from Rio.

Hence, it really seems like we do not know how Russia will perform in Rio. We will just have to wait and see with now just a few days left until the opening ceremony for the games…

Photo by Tim Clayton of Getty Images. 🙂

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