Amelia Hundley: Full Speed Ahead on Her Way to Gainesville

Amelia Hundley couldn’t have asked for a better way to end her career as an elite gymnast.

Meals, as they like to call her, caught the eye of the gymternet family as a young junior placing 5th at the 2011 Visa Championships. Her consistency and drive as well as her desire for the sport were just amazing and you couldn’t help but acknowledge the potential that this young lady had. Heading into her first year of senior elite, Amelia didn’t have the huge difficulty of some of the top contenders and was a bit of an underdog (you might say). Showing consistent yet not top scoring performances, Amelia placed 6th in the all around at her first senior elite national championships in 2014. And oh boy, has she only improved since then.
Peaking at just the right time, Amelia went into this year’s Olympic Trials ready to give every thing that she had. After coming off of a fantastic performance at the P&G Championships just a few weeks before, Amelia put on her game face.
After night one of Trials, many predicted that Meals would pull out a position on the Olympic team because of her consistency. Well, many people predicted wrong. Unfortunately, Amelia did not make an alternate spot, much less a position on the actual team. Even after having the best weekend of her life posting strong scores on all 4 events both days in a row.
This didn’t affect Amelia though. She knows that it wasn’t meant to be and she can’t wait to start the next chapter of her life competing for the University of Florida starting sometime soon. I wish the best of luck to Meals as she continues her journey on through college gymnastics!

Photo via Getty Images. Amelia warms up on the vault in the image above! 🙂

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