Humble Horton… Refuses to Retire

After his absence from all of the 2016 season, many doubted the future of Jonathon Horton’s gymnastics. Many times John was asked, ” so are you retired”. John had only one answer to this question, “no way”.
The 30-year old from Houston, Texas has been on the elite scene, much less the gymnastics scene for many years now. This two time olympic medalist stepped into a gymnastics gym for the first time in 1990 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Although he has not competed since the P&G Championships in August of 2015, Jonathon says that he is for sure not done with gymnastics. When asked if John is no longer in the sport of gymnastics, John said that there was no way he could end his gymnastics career on the note that he would’ve, had he retired within the last year. John still has lots of goals he’d like to accomplish. 
Injury in early 2016 kept John out of the gym for several months. However, this isn’t stopping the olympic silver and bronze medalist from achieving his goals. John trains at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and still has his eyes on Olympic gold!
Ok so thanks for reading! Sorry this was a short article I just wanted to update you on John’s current status. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

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