The Monster That Is Known As Beam…

So… Where to start? Let’s just say that Martha may no longer be looking for a bars specialist…

Last night, we saw fourteen gymnasts compete for a spot on the olympic team. If I counted correctly (lol) 6 of those girls left the beam podium with at least one major mistake. Hmmm….

The reason behind this? I don’t really know. At least, Laurie Hernandez exists because without her, USA’s beam rotation would be a whole new level of disaster.

Ok. Enough with the beam topic because I’m sorry but it is just making me want to barf.  Well, let me start off by saying it looks like Simone is going to take the automatic spot even with her rather messy wolf turn on beam. But who I really want to talk about right now is the mini but mighty Ragan Smith. Although, she is often not talked about and I would consider her the “underdog”, I really can see her being useful on the team. She posts consistent scores on all of her events (nationals was just a fluke). Beam and floor for her are extremely strong and she could potentially make event finals in those two categories. Vault and bars are decent but consistent. And so for that I do see her in contention for a spot on the team. Laurie Hernandez. The firecracker. This girl is amazing. Honestly, out of everyone I consider her to be the only lock (and of course Simone). Aly is also pretty much a lock but at this point I feel that Laurie is already on the team. The confidence and maturity she brings to the floor often makes me forget that this is her first year competing as a senior. I can’t wait to watch this young lady shine in Rio (she is also very useful on bars and beam). Make sure to keep an eye out for those young girls during tonight’s competition!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten some of thoughts out, I would like to do a bit of a re-prediction of my team for Rio. I honestly have no clue of who I think will be sent to Rio but I do know that my last prediction is not 100% accurate. Here a few of my thoughts on the team selection process after night one:

If Gabby isn’t sent to Rio, then Martha could possibly have the two bar specialists (they could easily go 1-2 in the final) on the team or have her replaced by someone very powerful like Ragan Smith or Mykayla Skinner or even Maggie Nichols (who’s beam fall did not help her at all). Now, the only reason I say that Gabby could possibly not make the team is because she has shown rather weak performances at both P&G Championships and on the first day of Olympic Trials. Especially considering that I’m pretty sure she placed top three on only one event at nationals. I don’t even know. This olympic puzzle is just too hard for me. I suddenly feel really bad for Martha Karolyi (lol).

Ok, so I just wanted to give you guys a little update on what I saw from the first night of trials. Can’t wait for tonight! Oh and yeah, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 🙂

Also, sorry guys that I’ve been using old pictures; for some reason my computer is telling me that all the pictures I’m trying to download are illegal for public use but weren’t before.

Gabby Douglas performs on the balance beam. Photos via Getty Images! 🙂

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