Kocian vs. Locklear (The Battle of the Bars Specialists) and John Orozco Short

Madison Kocian and Ashton Locklear are two very strong gymnasts that are in the running for a spot on the Olympic team. Both gymnasts have an equal shot at the team and to help you get an idea of who may have a tad bit of an advantage, here are their strengths and weaknesses:

Kocian’s Strengths:
-she can contribute on events other than bars
-her difficulty is higher than locklear’s
-she is the reigning world champion on uneven bars
-bars is the weakest event for the u.s.
Kocian’s Weaknesses:
-her vault is quite basic
-she is coming off of a leg injury
-her execution is not as strong as locklear’s
-she has lost to ashton on bars at the last few meets this year
Locklear’s Strengths:
-her form is perfect (execution is good and often reaches low to mid nines)
-she was the only american to make he bars final at the worlds in 2014
-she has won bars at every meet she has attended this year 
-again, bars is the weakest event for the u.s.
Locklear’s Weaknesses:
-she only does bars and beam and her beam is not “spectacular”
-she did not make worlds last year
-kocian has more experience 
-the u.s. could also use some help on beam
Who do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below. I preferably believe that Ashton will make the team considering she wins bars like all the time and is more consistent. 
SURPRISE! Remember when I used to do fan written articles at the end of each article, well I’m bringing that back and here is the article for this week.
John Orozco: Comeback Boy
After a rough year full of injury, John Orozco has comeback to make his second Olympics. Although he did not compete floor or vault at Olympic Trials due to injury, he proved himself on the other four events to make the team for his spectacular parallel bars and high bar. Congrats John and good luck in Rio!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! If you are interested in writing a fan article, let me know I’m the comments below! 🙂

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