Rough Showing for Ragan Smith……………

After a tough first and second day of P&G Championships, Ragan Smith’s spot on the olympic team has been put at risk. Ragan started on floor on the first day of competition. Her first pass, a double layout, had a fair landing but was at her usual typical low height. Her second pass, is where the disaster began. She started with her one and a hake step out planning on connecting it to a round off through to triple full but faltered and only managed to complete a round off. The rest of her routine was mediocre and she scored a 13.1. Vault. Well. I. Um. I mean. She’s improved. I guess? She kind of did her normal vault but had a pretty bad block but scored a 14.65. She moved to bars and really stepped up her game to score a huge 14.8. Beam was next and Ragan was not the Ragan we are used to seeing. She wobbled on legit every skill and scored only a 14.3. She went into day 2 ready to fix her mistakes after scoring only a 56.85. She started on vault the next day. Same old vault to score a 14.7 (improved from day 1 slightly). Bars was next, and Ragan ended her great start after taking a fall on her ray. She looked like she was bound to catch it but pulled in a little to close and took a fall. She still scored a mediocre 13.55 which is meh for bars but took her all around score down by quite a bit. She moved on to beam with high hopes. After nailing her back handspring layout series, her standing full, and her beautiful leap series. She ended her routine with a nearly stuck and very difficult patterson dismount to score a 15.0 (seven tenths higher than her day one score). Floor. Dang. Let me just say. I sure do love this girl on floor because she can really perform. She came back with a bang from day one scoring a 14.7 and nailing her second pass (a one and a half through to triple full)! She scored a 14.7 which is more than a point and a half than what she scored on day one. Now that’s what I call improvement. Now her all around was a 57.95 which could’ve been much higher had she not fallen on bars. She’s obviously not thrilled with her performance but she should be happy to know that she’s improved. And although she was not at her very best on those two days, Martha knows that this girl can perform based on her performances at Jesolo (which was amazing I must say), Pacific Rims (where she beat Aly on beam), and Secret Classic (her  bars that day though). So, Ragan is most definitely not out of the running for Rio, as she is headed to Olympic Trials full speed ahead after clinching that last automatic spot (top 8 at nationals automatically make it, Ragan was 8th). Everyone at Double Full wishes Ragan the best of luck on her journey to Rio.

Here are her routines:

Day 1 Vault:

Day 2 Vault:
Day 1 Bars:
Day 2 Bars:
Day 1 Beam:
Day 2 Beam:
Day 1 Floor:
Day 2 Floor:
And some standout routines from the early season 🙂
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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