The Countdown Continues………….

     As 50 days until the Rio Olympics remain, the excitement continues to build. So, for a short article this week, I will be listing some exciting things to look forward to in the upcoming months (more like weeks) leading up to the games. Here we go:

*The Men’s Olympic Trials for the United States are this weekend as well as the women’s Olympic Trials qualifier (P&G’s).
*Romanian Nationals are in early July.
*The Japaneese Olympic Teams were ist named so stay tuned for a announcement on that coming up on my blog soon (hint: King Kohei is still in it to win it).
*Not really something to look forward to but I figured that I should announce that Norah Flatley will not be trying for Rio (sadly). She had so much talent though. Hopefully, she will try for at least worlds next year.
*Larisa Iordache is starting to train with both hands (lol)! 
*Another rather sad announcement but figured it should be shared is, Viktoria Komova is no longer trying for Rio, and also, another (sort of sad) hint for the Japaneese team is only one Tanaka twin made it.
*The medals have been revealed for the  Rio Olympics and they look awesome (i’ll let you know if I find a legally useable pic!
*It looks like Ragan Smith will be performing more upgrades and P&G’s to make her Olympic chances more likely.
*Brandon Wynn and Danell Leyva have been added to the Olympic Trials roster.
*Chris Brooks is actually being considered for an actual spot on the Olympic team and not just an alternate spot (it’s about time)!
*Paul Ruggeri is also finally being considered for the team and not an alternate spot after his killer high bar sets at nationals!
Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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