Ksenia, Ksenia, Ksneia.

    Following the qualification round of the senior qualification round and senior team final of the European Championships I continue to say, “Ksenia… Ksenia… Ksenia”.

    To be completely honest with you, I legit expected Russia’s one and only, Ksenia Afansyeva to retire after Beijing. I believed that she was not contributing to the Russian team at all. And then, she proved me wrong. Winning several world medals as well as being a top contender for the London olympic team were just a few things that Ksenia did to blow my mind. After making the olympic team in 2012, I expected Ksenia to retire once again. But no, she just hung on. And at this point, Russia is just putting her on the team because she was so good in the past. For example, this years European Championships. Ksenia was put on the team to do floor and vault. Which makes sense because Russia needs the most help on those events and Ksenia is very good at floor and ok at vault. However, of course, classic Ksenia, she scratches floor just before competition.

     Ok, now, I’m not trying to make it sound like I’m not a fan of Ksenia because I do like Ksenia’s gymnastics. However, she is not a vault specialist. Russia has better vault specialists to use in competition and in my opinion Ksenia should be used on floor and beam rather than just vault. Yes, and I know that she had a great meet and even won a vault medal but I still believe that Russia should not be using Ksenia Afansyeva for vault only if they are going to put her on the team at all. And I know that Ksenia typically peaks later in the season and should be in great shape for the olympics this summer.

Okay so thanks for reading and allowing me to rage a little bit. Thanks again! 🙂

Ksenia Afansyeva performs on the floor via Getty Images.

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