P&Gs Make It No Easier For Selection Committee! :)

Following the conclusion of the 2016 Men’s P&G Gymnastics Championships, the national team selection committee does not have any less of a headache then the did before. I’m sure that as happy as the committee is to see that the U.S. Men have such great depth, I’m sure that they were hoping to have a bit of a clearer path to the Rio team following the championships. However, with great performances even from the gymnasts placing in the 20’s (such as Danell Leyva who slightly injured his ankle but will still be at trials). Many gymnasts showed a stronger performance on the second day of competition to secure their spot at the Olympic trials meet. However, the committee and Kevin Mazieka did say that they will be looking for the top three gymnasts and all arounders on each event so that they can perform well at the Olympic Games this summer. Thanks for reading! And I apologize for the short article I may be doing a longer results recap this weekend. Also, be ready for more and more posting as school comes to a close! 🙂

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