Young Romanians Set Foundation For Next Quad

    Lately, it is not common to see a strong performance from Romania. And sadly, we have watched them cripple and crumple as the years went on. And all though many of us expected it, as we saw the sad faces of the Romanian gymnasts after they failed to qualify to the Olympics this year, our hearts broke. Many of us thought that it was over for Romania.

     But as we watched the young Romanian juniors pull out a bronze medal in the team final at the European Championships just a few days ago, a little bit of hope sparked inside of all of us. As for the first time in the quadrennium the young Romanians are looking strong!

    Many of us think that the reason that Romania is not performing at their top potential is because they are not taking time to develop their younger gymnasts. Well, they have listened to our thoughts and answered them.

     Romania started the competition on the vault. Showing two strong DTY’s from Denisa Golgota and Olivia Cimpian both scoring above a 14.5. Fun fact: Denisa Golgota has not yet fallen on a double twisting yurchenko (in competition) since she was 12. Anyway, they also showed a pair of two sturdy full twisting yurchenkos two give them the highest vault score of the meet.

     Next was bars… let’s just say they are definitely lucky to have pulled out such a big vault score. But, I do have to cut them some slack considering the fact that they scored only two tenths behind the Romanian seniors total bar score. Okay, never mid, let me take back that first sentence because I have to say that the Romanians had a pretty good bar rotation (at least for them). Carmen Ghicuc got them off to a decent start there, hitting everything and just landing her dismount a tad short. Next, was Alisia Botnaru who was a bit of a mess, falling on her jager, over arching her toe full, and showing messy form throughout. Thankfully, this score wasn’t counted after some fair work from Olivia Cimpian and Ioana Crisan. I wouldn’t call neither of them a bars savior but as always, things could’ve been much worse. Unfortunately, on beam, top runner for the all around, Olivia Cimpian, blew her shots by taking a fall on her tuck full. But the young gymnasts pulled it together showing insane difficulty on all the rest of their routines and I’d just like to point out that Ioana Crisan rocked her 6.0 routine! Then they headed to floor. Floor wasn’t awesome. But it also wasn’t terrible. They had some very well executed routines (other than Ioana Crisan’s crazy tucked full in) however, their difficulty wasn’t all that high. They still managed all scores in the 13’s, though. This was enough to score a 163.678 for bronze. Just over two tenths behind silver.

  Well, there you have it. We aren’t really sure what the future holds for Romanian gymnastics, but it sure does look like a good one! 🙂

*Also, I’m heading to Hartford today for P&G’s! YAY!

Photo via Getty Images.

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