As many of you know, I am in the process of writing a gymnastics short story on a gymnast’s journey to Rio. Below, I am giving you a sneak peak of the first couple pages in my new story. Enjoy!

Alex McLonzo and Kendall Nezarro enter the gym each day, having no idea what the next 6 hours or so hold for them. Their coaches, Vera Casvalndo and Micheal Viaopo know exactly what Alex and Kendall need to do to reach their grand goal… olympic gold.
      As Kendall mounts the low bar, on her final event of the day, she takes a heavy deep breath and grasps the bar tightly with both hands going into her glide kip cast handstand, directly connected to her maloney half. As she reaches for the high bar, her hands just miss and she falls to the ground. Harshly and aggressively smacking on the mats below her. Vera, Kendall’s coach shouts some corrections at Kendall and tells her to remount. She stands back up, adjusts the springboard and starts all over again.
       Alex lifts his hand back, and steps  backwards as he prepares to begin his pommel routine. Hand over hand, he jumps up, onto the pommel and begins circling around the large pommels, hoping for dear life that he won’t hit them. Russian, moore, stockli, magihar, you name it, Alex does it. As he gains power for his Mikulak, his hands slip off the horse, and he lands on his back on the ground, surrounded by humungous eight inch mats. “Alex. You must stay focused!’ shouts olympic gold medalist (and Alex’s coach), Micheal Viaopo. Alex remounts the pommel and starts all over again.
    This pattern continues for four more hours until practice is over, and Alex and Kendall return to school to finish up the day.


This is only a little preview. So, stay tuned for more previews and Romanian updates (eekk!). Thanks for reading!!!! 🙂

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