Downie Sweeps Osijek Cup, Makes HISTORY!!!! :)

Ellie Downie competed at the 2016 Osijek World Cup in Croatia just a few weeks ago. Ellie was expected to win the competition in the all around and she did just that, plus much more. Ellie had a clean sweep leaving the competition with 5 gold medals (all around, vault, bars, beam, AND floor). In doing this, Downie made history becoming the first ever female gymnast to win all events in the competition in it’s current format. Ellie won her first gold medal in the all around. Then, on the first day of event finals, in the vault final Ellie performed a clean double twisting yurchenko as well as a lopez as her second vault. Both vaults scored above a 9 in execution and Ellie came out on top with a 14.85 average. In the bars final, Ellie performed a difficult routine beginning at a 16.3 and ending at a huge 14.95 which was just good enough for gold. In the beam final, Ellie performed yet another difficult routine also scoring the highest execution in the final. In the final final, the floor final, Downie performed ANOTHER beautiful routine scoring a 14.525 which was good enough for one more gold. Congratulations Ellie! 🙂

As far as the men go, the U.S. had a very successful competition. Specifically Paul Ruggeri. Paul picked up 3 medals by the end of the competition. A bronze on the floor exercise, tying with his very own teammate Steven Legendre. Paul also performed a AWESOME, high flying, high bar routine to pick up a silver medal. He also performed 2 rather basic but very clean vaults in the vault final to win a silver. However, he did step out of bounds on his second vault. Sean Melton of USA also won bronze medal in the parallel bars final. His routine began at a 16.4 and ended with a 14.875 with a fairly clean routine. Manrique Larduet of Cuba who also burst onto the scene at last year’s worlds performed in many event finals and won a few medals one of them being a silver in the parallel bars final receiving a huge 15.475! Congratulations the the U.S. men and Manrique Larduet of Cuba! 🙂
Good luck to all the gymnasts who competed and good luck on the road to rio! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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