Are the Olympics a Reality for Romania? :)

As many of us know, Romania has been struggling in the world of gymnastics lately. They are complete and utterly depending on their older, more experienced gymnasts to do all of the work. They are not working hard to develop their younger gymnasts. And many of their older more dependent gymnasts have retired and moved on. Due to this, Romania has been struggling to do well at meets and unfortunately did not qualify to the olympics at last year’s worlds. So, in this article I will be answering the question, can Romania do it and make it back to the olympics.

On the men’s side, they are most likely not making it to the olympics but it is not expected that they will as they have never been the most successful team. However, 2015 World Vault Silver Medalist, Marian Dragulescu, could possibly lead them to Rio.

For the women. They just need to put in more time to GROWING THEIR YOUNGER GYMNASTS! They have been solely depending on 2015 World All Around Bronze Medalist, Larisa Ioradache for over 3 years now. If they continue to do this I believe that Larisa will burn out. And clearly, she is starting to. Just a few weeks ago, she injured her hand in a training session when she fell off beam and surgery is required. She still has the possibility of making the olympics (if Romania qualifies) but she will not be at the test event which is definitely a bit scary. And I honestly wonder what is going through Octavian Bellu’s head right now. Below, I will be making a list of the top 4 gymnasts on each event from the Romanian team currently.

*If Larisa is no longer injured.
DISCLAIMER: The list is in no specific order.
Sorry I had 2 or 3 people for some of them! XD


1. Sandra Izbasa (if she is able to return)
2. Larisa Ioradache*
3. Catalina Ponor
4. Laura Jurca


1. Andreea Iriodon
2. Diana Bulimar
3. Larisa Iordache
4. Olivia Cimpian or Laura Jurca


1. Catalina Ponor
2. Diana Bulimar
3. Larisa Iordache
4. Andreea Iriodon or Andreea Muteanu


1. Larisa Iordache
2. Diana Bulimar
3. Catalina Ponor
4. Dora Vulcan or Sandra Izbasa or Laura Jurca

Comment below what you think! 🙂

So, based on that list, I made a chart about who could make the team and be useful based on how many times they were used.

Sandra Izbasa: 2
Larisa Iordache: 4
Catalina Ponor: 3
Laura Jurca: 3
Andreea Iriodon: 2
Diana Bulimar: 3
Olivia Cimpian: 1
Andreea Muteanu: 1
Dora Vulcan: 1

Who do you think (if Romania makes it to Rio) could make the team?
My prediction would be:

Sandra Izbasa
Larisa Iordache
Catalina Ponor
Laura Jurca
and Diana Bulimar

Andrea Iriodon
Dora Vulcan
Andrea Mutaeanu (who could possibly also contribute on floor).

Ok. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! And let me know if you want me to do more of this segment for other teams! 🙂

Also, sorry I couldn’t find a pic that was legal for me to use. And my wifi has been really bad lately. 🙁

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