Larisa Ioradache Out With Injury

Larissa Ioradache if Romania suffered an injury during a training session last week. She was performing a routine in the balance beam when she uncharecteristicly fell from the beam and somehow hurt her finger. After a trip to the doctors, it has been revealed that Larisa has sustained a broken finger and surgery is required. Larisa will not be back in time for the test event this April which puts Romania in great danger of qualifying for the Rio Olympics. Romania must finish in the top four at the test event as a team to qualify to the games. If they put together a team that included gymnasts like: Ana Maria Ocalison, Catalina Ponor, Diana Bulimar, Laura Jurca, and Andreea Iridon, they may still have a chance at qualifying to the Olympics. However, it will be much more difficult without their current team leader, Larisa Ioradache. 

Above is a picture of Larisa performing on the beam. I do not own this photo.

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