Quick Question – New Segment! :)

I’ve decided to start this new segment called “Quick Question”. My computer hasn’t been working lately so I decided that while it is getting fixed, I will continue to blog, however, for a few weeks I will be blogging on my phone which is not as easy nor as convinent. Due to this, I’ve decided to try something that won’t take as much time. So, my new segment “Quick Question” is simply articles that I will be asking you some “trivia”-type gymnastics questions. If you can answer the question correctly in the comments below, you will be entered in a contest to win an oppurunity to star in my blog. I may also be giving out small prizes like gift cards. But that is not likely (sorry). However, the longer and more thorough you answer, the more likely your chance of winning a gift card or something. The first few editions will be easier questions but we will get harder as the weeks go on. Please don’t cheat and use the old fashioned Wikipedia. But, you know, there’s really nothing I can do if you do cheat and I don’t really care if you do (honestly) but it’s not really fair. So, without further ado, here is my first  edition of “Quick Question”.

Actual “Prize” Question:
Who was Yang Yilin’s head coach before her retirement (2008-2012 quad)?
Fun “Non-Prize” Question:
Do any of you participate in Fantasy Gymnastics? 
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more “Quick Question” articles! 🙂

Photo via Getty Images. Yang Yilin’s performs on the balance beam! 🙂 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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