From Underdog to Top Notch Leader: Maggie Nichols :)

Maggie Nichols

Maggie Nichols is a very common name that is brought up when talking about gymnasts in this gymnastics quad. Early on in the quad, maybe 2013, when you mentioned the name Maggie Nichols, almost no one would know who you were talking about. And if they did know of her, they probably thought that she was some young, first-year, senior with big dreams. However, mention her name now and almost everyone will automatically think of the experienced, skilled, gymnast with 2 world medals. If that doesn’t sound like improvement to you… what does? Even the Martha Karolyi said that at the beginning of the quad she wasn’t even considering Maggie for any international assignments… and now, she’s considering Maggie for the Olympics. That is just crazy! And that is one reason that I am a HUGE fan of Maggie.

In 2012, Maggie competed at the Visa Championships in the junior division and placed 11th all around. Just 3 years later, Maggie competed at the P&G Championships in the senior division and placed 2nd in the all around behind 3-time world all around champ Simone Biles! Below, watch Maggie’s vault from 2012 and her vault from 2015:



Not only are her vaults now a little bit cleaner, but they are much more difficult and score on average about 2 points higher than they did in 2012.
Maggie’s Major Meet Results:
P&G Championships: 5th AA, 6th UB, 5th BB, 9th FX
P&G Championships: 3rd AA, 3rd UB, 4th BB, 3rd FX
Pan American Championships: 1st Team, 3rd AA
P&G Championships: 2nd AA, 7th UB, 4th BB, 5th FX
World Championships: 1st Team, 3rd FX
In 2014, Maggie’s chances at world were thrown away due to an injury sustained at the Pan American Championships. However, she came back in 2015 stronger than ever and made the worlds team with no problem. There she competed vault, beam, and floor in the qualifications qualifying to the team final with USA, the floor final, and was a reserve to the beam final. She managed to win a bronze in the floor final and was the only US gymnast to compete in the all around in the team final. Maggie’s
chances at the Olympics are very high. She is a very strong all around and has great potential and talent. She is currently training very hard for her spot on the team at Twin City Twisters in Minnesota and is looking towards the Olympics. Everyone here at double full gym blog wishes Maggie the best of luck on her #roadtorio. 🙂

Photos via Getty Images. Maggie competes on the vault at the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships! 🙂 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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