Update……….. :)

I would like to start off by apologizing for being inactive lately. I have been VERY busy with school and gym…. I am trying to come back. School is starting to slow down a bit and so I will be trying my hardest to start blogging again. It’s also been hard to find a topic to write about but since NCAA season is starting up it should now be easier. Well you probably don’t want to hear my go on and on about how I haven’t been blogging lately, so I’m just going to end this article here. Again, I am going to be slowly coming back to blogging and I just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks for the support!

 I recently started the book “Finding Our Balance” by Lauren Hopkins (famous writer of the amazing gym blog thegymter.net). This is a great book and I definitley recommend reading it! This book is available on Amazon and below is the link:


Also, I will still be making a documentary. I will now be making not only one documentary but two. One with Chellsie this spring/summer and one with Sam Mikulak in the fall of 2016. My new blogging partner will be helping me with the documentary on Sam.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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