Manrique Larduet – A Cuban Gymanstics Legend

Manrique Larduet of Cuba left the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships not only with a bronze and silver medal, but also with great pride of what he had just accomplished for the country of Cuba and their overall gymnastics program.

Young Manrique Larduet was unknown of until earlier this year. He made his “major” international debut at this year’s Pan American Championships where he won a gold on vault, silver in the all around, silver on parallel bars and a bronze on rings. Watch his gold medal winning vault below:

If you think it’s amazing that he went from unknown to a Pan American champion in just a matter of weeks, then you will be shocked at what else I’m about to tell you.

Manrique then went on to represent Cuba at the world championships later that year. As he walked into the arena for the all around final, you could tell he was confident. He had qualified in 7th to the final, but everyone in the arena, including himself, knew he could do better. He performed strong on the first five events. And then he came to his last event, and as soon as he landed his dismount, he was pretty sure he had done it. Watch all 6 of his routines below:


Pommel Horse:

This routine is from quals ^^^ I couldn’t find his one from AA Final 🙁
High Bar:
Now, you may think that after winning a world silver and bronze medal, a gymnast would be happy with what they have accomplished and move on and retire but not Manrique. Manrique is just getting started and he hopes to win a medal at next year’s olympic games. 🙂
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