UPDATE!! + Documentary announcment… :)

 Announcement #1:
                    With the conclusion of the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships just a little over a week ago, we’re kind of now in a weird situation where the elite season is kind of “on hold” for a little while as we wait for the NCAA season to begin. Since we are left hanging for the next few months waiting for the NCAA season (and for some elite world cups), I’ve been looking for ways to keep up with my blog. As you may know, I plan on doing a documentary on Chellsie Memmel (surprise, surprise). However, that documentary will be delayed a bit due to not being able to get footage until later in the year. So, the documentary will most likely not be out until sometime around March or April 2016 (sorry guys, but I can’t do anything about it 🙁 ). Since the documentary will not be out until Spring of 2016, I am trying to think of other things to do in the meantime, but I can’t come up with an idea so I am leaving it up to you guys to give me ideas of a project or segment or something to do while we wait for the NCAA season. Leave a comment letting me know what you want me to do.

Photo via Getty Images. Chellsie Memmel. 🙂

Announcement #2:
                    Even though we are in the middle of this time where there isn’t much gymnastics going on, there are however, a few small meets that are happening around this time. So, The Arthur Gander Memorial was held last week in Switzerland. Below are the results:

  Rank   Athlete               Nation              VT      UB      BB      FX

  1. Larisa Iordache      Romania       14.900   —–    14.050  14.550  43.500  
  2. Pauline Schaefer    Germany       14.300   —–    13.700  13.500 41.500
  3. Diana Bulimar        Romania       13.850   —–    13.600  13.950 41.400
  4. Anastasia Dmitrieva Russia         14.000  ——   13.600  13.000  40.600
  5. Ilaria Kaslin          Switzerland     13.750 12.100 14.300 ——— 40.150
  6. Victoria-Kayen Woo Canada        13.600 12.900 ——-  13.300  39.800
  7. Alexa Moreno         Mexico          13.900 ——- 12.250  13.500  39.650
  8. Yuki Uchiyama        Japan             13.650 12.600 ——  13.250  39.500
  9. Enus Mariani             Italy            13.550   12.650 13.100 —–    39.300
  10. Angelina Kysla      Ukraine          13.950   11.600 ——– 12.300 37.850
  11. Raer Theaker   Great Britain        14.100  9.850   ——— ——– 23.950

I couldn’t find the full men’s results, but I do know that Oleg Vernayev won. 

Why do Lari and Oleg compete so much??? Part of the answer is definitely prize money :).

Watch Oleg’s Vault from the meet Below:

Photo via Getty Images. Larisa Iordache. 🙂

Announcement #3:
          Lastly, I made a new quiz. 🙂 Check it out by clicking here. 🙂 Thanks! 

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