Hello. 🙂

I plan on doing a recap of the event finals that just wrapped up. But, that’s not what the announcement is. The “big” announcement of what’s coming soon is, I will be doing a documentary on a special gymnast in the upcoming months. That special gymnast will be announced next week. One hint is: Olympic Silver Medalist.

Also, thanks to anyone who tuned in to my live blog that just wrapped up a few minutes ago. I know some of you couldn’t find it and I’m sorry to those people but I will be doing more in the future on my backup blog. To get to my backup blog click here. Thanks! And stay tuned for my recap of event finals later today or tomorrow.

Bye. 🙂

Photo via Getty Images. And no, I am not going to be doing a documentary on Max (even though he is my favorite Brit).  🙂


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