Event Finals Day 1 Recap (only recap on vault and floor) + CRAZY BARS FINAL! and Giulia Steingruber & Individuals Qualify to Rio + Longines Award :)

The first day of event finals wrapped up earlier today… And I’ll tell you it was one interesting day of gymnastics.

The first event was the men’s floor final. It started off with a sturdy performance from 2015 World All Around Silver Medalist, Manrique Larduet of Cuba, however, he did have a bit of trouble on a few of his landings and scored “only” a 14.800 landing him in 7th. Next, was Hansol Kim of South Korea. He landed in a huge squat on one of his tumbles, but otherwise, he had a strong routine. He scored a 14.933 to move ahead of Larduet and landed in the 6th place position. Rayderley Zapata Santana of Spain was up next who had an awesome routine including a back 1.5 into a double front pike, a double double layout, and a few other passes. He scored a 15.200 to win the bronze medal. Daniel Purvis of Great Britain performed after Zapata and had a great routine! He scored a 15.100 just one tenth behind  Zapata which put him in 5th place. Deng Shudi of China also had a great routine scoring a 15.150 landing in the 4th place position. After Shudi, was Kenzo Shirai of Japan who had AN AMAZINGLY DIFFICULT ROUTINE! Some of his passes were: a quad full, a back 3.5 to front double full, etc. He scored a 16.233 for first place! Daniel Purvis’ teammate, Max Whitlock was next. He had a sturdy routine scoring a 15.566 landing in the silver medal spot. The last performer was Tomas Gonzalez of Chile. Tomas is one of my favorite gymnasts because in gymnastics years he is 100+ years old and yet he is still very determined to win a worlds or olympic medal. He had an OK set, with a few hesitant landings, and he scored a 14.733 to land in 8th place. This was an interesting floor final and below are the final results:

Rk Name NF Difficulty Execution Penalty Total
1 SHIRAI, KENZO JPN 7.600 8.633 16.233
2 WHITLOCK, MAX GBR 6.800 8.766 15.566
4 DENG, SHUDI CHN 6.700 8.466 15.166
5 PURVIS, DANIEL GBR 6.500 8.600 15.100
6 KIM, HANSOL KOR 6.800 8.133 14.933
7 LARDUET, MANRIQUE CUB 6.800 8.000 14.800
8 GONZALEZ, TOMAS CHI 6.800 8.033 -0.10 14.733

Next was the women’s vault final. Alexa Moreno was up first who had a sturdy first vault (front handspring 1.5 twist), scoring a 14.66. On her second vault, she had a few steps and landed out of the center of the mat scoring a 14.466 averaging a 14.566 to land in a tie for 7th. Next was Ellie Downie who had 2 clean vaults to average a 14.899 for fourth (just out of the medals :(). After Ellie, it was Hong Un Jong who had a clean amanar and cheng to average a 15.633 for second. Next, was Giulia Steingruber… she had a very nice vault to score a 15.500. On her second vault, she performed a yurchenko 1.5 and as soon as she landed she immediately grabbed her knee, fell to the floor, and was assisted off the podium. I still have not found out what or is she injured something, but I hope she’s ok. After Giulia, it was Maria Paseka who performed two sturdy vaults for a 15.666 average, to land in the gold medal position. Wang Yan was next who had a beautiful first vault (tsuk double full). But on her second, vault, she fell to her knees as she landed and ended up placing 6th. Simone Biles was next and she performed two very clean vaults but with a bit lower difficulty, she landed in 3rd. The last competitor was Dipa Karmakar. Her first vault is a Produnova which is a VERY difficult vault. She hit her butt as she landed and scored a 15.300/17.000 for her first vault. Her second vault was a tsuk double full and she landed, took a few steps, and ended up completely off the matt. She scored a 14.066 for her second vault. Her average was a 14.683 landing her in 5th place. Below are the final results of this final:

Rk Name NF Total Score Difficulty Execution Penalty Score Difficulty Execution Penalty
1 PASEKA, MARIA RUS 15.666 15.633 6.400 9.233 15.700 6.300 9.400
2 HONG, UN JONG PRK 15.633 15.666 6.300 9.366 15.600 6.400 9.200
3 BILES, SIMONE USA 15.541 15.900 6.300 9.600 15.183 5.600 9.583
4 DOWNIE, ELISSA GBR 14.899 14.966 5.800 9.166 14.833 5.600 9.233
5 KARMAKAR, DIPA IND 14.683 15.300 7.000 8.300 14.066 6.000 8.366 -0.30
6 WANG, YAN CHN 14.583 15.066 6.000 9.066 14.100 6.200 7.900
7 MORENO MEDINA, ALEXA CITLALI MEX 14.566 14.666 6.200 8.566 -0.10 14.466 6.000 8.566 -0.10
7 STEINGRUBER, GIULIA SUI 14.566 15.500 6.200 9.400 -0.10 13.633 5.300 8.333

For the other men’s finals there were pommel horse and rings, below are the results for those.

Pommel Horse

Rk Name NF Difficulty Execution Penalty Total
1 WHITLOCK, MAX GBR 7.300 8.833 16.133
2 SMITH, LOUIS GBR 7.200 8.833 16.033
3 MERDINYAN, HARUTYUN ARM 6.700 8.800 15.500
3 KAYA, KAZUMA JPN 6.800 8.700 15.500
5 HIDVEGI, VID HUN 6.600 8.766 15.366
6 VERNIAIEV, OLEG UKR 7.000 8.266 15.266
7 NADDOUR, ALEXANDER USA 6.700 8.500 15.200
8 SELIGMAN, ROBERT CRO 6.400 8.033 14.433


Rk Name NF Difficulty Execution Penalty Total
1 PETROUNIAS, ELEFTHERIOS GRE 6.800 9.000 15.800
2 YOU, HAO CHN 7.000 8.733 15.733
3 LIU, YANG CHN 6.900 8.800 15.700
4 AIT SAID, SAMIR FRA 6.800 8.833 15.633
5 WYNN, BRANDON USA 6.800 8.800 15.600
6 VAN GELDER, LAMBERTUS NED 6.800 8.700 15.500
7 VAHAGN, DAVTYAN ARM 6.600 8.733 15.333
8 WHITTENBURG, DONNELL USA 6.700 8.600 15.300

Well, for the last two men’s finals, there isn’t too much to talk about, but the uneven bars final is worth mention.
The Results are below:
Rk Name NF Difficulty Execution Penalty Total
1 FAN, YILIN CHN 6.900 8.466 15.366
1 KOMOVA, VIKTORIIA RUS 6.600 8.766 15.366
1 SPIRIDONOVA, DARIA RUS 6.700 8.666 15.366
1 KOCIAN, MADISON USA 6.600 8.766 15.366
5 DOUGLAS, GABRIELLE USA 6.400 8.733 15.133
6 SHANG, CHUNSONG CHN 6.700 8.200 14.900
7 HARROLD, RUBY GBR 6.300 8.466 14.766
8 SCHEDER, SOPHIE GER 6.600 8.000 14.600
So, there was a 4-way tie for first… no biggie. THERE WAS A 4-WAY TIE FOR FIRST… BIGGIE! When has there ever been a four way tie for first place at a world championships. If you can find one let me know in the comments. The judges at these championships have been acting a little suspicious and this is just one sign… But, congrats anyways to Fan, Viktoria, Daria, and Madison!
Longines Prize Winners:
Max Whitlock 
Giulia Steingruber
Routines of The Day:
Maria Paseka Vault:
Kenzo Shirai Floor:
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Also, just an FYI, any gymnast, who won an individual medal qualified to the olympics, unless their team already qualified. It’s a bit confusing… but to learn more about it check out GymCastic’s article about it by clicking here.
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Photo via Getty Images. Max Whitlock of Great Britain performs on the pommel horse during the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships.

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