When you host worlds, you win a medal…

For some reason that no one knows, it seems that when you host a world championships or olympic games, your country wins a medal. Now I don’t know why this is, but one prediction is that the home crowd motivates you. And no, do not say that the judges are all from that country… because they aren’t. Below are examples of this from some recent world championships.

  • Glasgow, Scotland 2015

Great Britain wins a silver medal in the men’s team final. This was their first ever worlds team medal.

Great Britain wins a bronze in the women’s team final. This was also their first ever worlds team medal.

  • Nanning, China 2014

China wins a silver medal in the women’s team final after placing 4th at the last olympic or world championships with a team final.

The men also won gold but that’s no surprise.

  • London, England 2009

Beth Tweddle of Great Britain wins a gold on the floor exercise which she traditionally was great on but not  exactly good enough to win a world championships title, as bars is usually her best event (she won an olympic bronze on uneven bars).

Daniel Keatings from Great Britain wins a silver in the all around, which wasn’t too surprising but was still a little unrealistic…

  • Stuttgart, Germany 2007

Fabian Hambuchen of Germany wins high bar gold. Even though he is awesome on high bar, there were many other athletes that were expected to win instead of him.

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands 2010

Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands wins a silver on high bar. He is AMAZING on high bar, but at the time he was still young and was not expected to do so well.

Those are just a few examples. And yes, I know, those are all great gymnasts that worked hard to earn those medals, but I THINK (my opinion) that it was a little unrealistic that they managed to come out on top. If you have any other examples let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Photo via Getty Images. Beth Tweddle wins the floor final in 2009.

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