An Unpredictable, Eventful, Exciting Team Final! + A Hint of the U.S. Men’s Team Final :)

What a night here it was in Glasgow, Scotland. Full of excitement, drama, and all sorts of ups and downs, this was one of the most unpredictable team finals I’ve ever watched. Even with Romania out of the mix, I still felt that there were other teams such as Great Britain (wink wink) or Canada or even Japan, that could sneak into the top three. With Russia missing Aliya Mustafina, they seemed to struggle a bit to find their composure, and they left the door wide open for other teams to step up. The results of the women’s team final from the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships are below:

USA WON AGAIN!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Photos via Gymnastike. Results.   🙂
Ok… WOW! This sure was an interesting team final. It’s no surprise that U.S.A won again (yay)! China got second, which is not very shocking. But here’s where the excitement comes in… 3rd place: GREAT BRITAIN!!! OMG! I was so excited! I was very happy for all the girls. They worked as hard as they could to pull this off. It was a history making moment and the Hydro Arena was literally shaking… the crowd was wild!!!                                                                                                                   Hence, this was an awesome team final! Too bad for Russia though. 🙁   
They had a shaky meet…

Photo via Getty Images. Great Britain celebrates a history making moment.

Men’s Quals:
U.S.A. did okay.They had some individual qualifiers, but as a team they finished fifth due to nerves and the absence of Sam Mikulak. As individuals, Danell Leyva qualified fourth to the all around final, first to the high bar final, and sixth to the parallel bars finals. Donell Whittenburg qualified to the vault and rings finals and is a reserve to the all around final. Paul Ruggeri is a reserve to the vault final :). Chris Brooks is in the high bar final. And, Alex Naddour is in the pommel horse final. Below, is Danell’s high bar routine. I LOVED IT!!!!
Sorry if you can’t view it. There were some weird issues on the video.
Thanks for reading! 🙂

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