Yet 1 More Challenge For Romania

It has been announced that Ana Maria Ocalison will not be competing at this year’s world championships as she injured herself in the training hall earlier today on vault. After her injury at the Noavara Cup it seemed almost impossible for her to come back and compete at worlds but she was set to do it and then this happened. Romania will not be replacing Ana (with Andreea Muteanu). Which means they will put up only 5 gymnasts in quals which is risky. Silvia Zarzu will most likely compete in the all around now. Andreea Iridon will be doing 2 events (bars and beam) with Larisa, Diana, and Laura still doing all around. We wish the best of luck to Ana in her recovery. Good luck Romania! 🙂

Another report is that Chris Brooks will be replacing Sam Mikulak (who injured his foot a few weeks ago) at this year’s world. 
Photo via Getty Images. Chris Brooks executes a skill on the still rings. 🙂

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