I think I know… ( NEW SEGMENT!) + More Predictions :)

I’ve created a new segment called, “I think I know…”. A lot of times in sports, people think they know what’s going to happen, but really, they have no idea. In this week’s edition I’m going to be doing a few things: Who from the U.S. will make the all around final? And who will be the alternate?

Who from the U.S. will make the all around final????


Sam Mikulak was a favorite to possibly contend for a medal in the all around final. But with him injured, it leaves the door open for other U.S. gymnasts to slip in. I think Donell Whittenburg will definitely make the all around final. But in the second spot… I think that the only other gymnast from the U.S. (right now)  that might make the all around final (if he competes on all 6) is Danell Leyva.

Photo via Getty Images. Donell Whittenburg performs on the parallel bars.


Simone Biles will be in the all around final. At this point in time, that needs no explaining. The second spot could go to many gymnasts from the U.S.: Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Maggie Nichols. I believe all 3 of those (plus Simone) will be competing all around in quals and in my opinion, I think Aly will get the second spot. Sometimes she’ll struggle in practice and lose form, but when the green flag is raised, she knows how to put on a show.

Photo via Getty Images. Simone Biles performs on the balance beam.

Who will be the alternate????

After podium training today, it’s kind of clear that Mykayla Skinner will be the alternate as she was last up on every event. And don’t get mad at me Lauren Hopkins but I’m pretty sure many of us expected Brenna to be the alternate at first. But, she did very well in podium training today, other than some messy landings on floor. So, I’m pretty sure it’s Mykayla, but that’s not what many of us thought at first. And don’t forget, the alternate hasn’t been confirmed yet though. Also, just FYI the men’s alternates are already confirmed (Chris Brooks and Marvin Kimble, however, one of them will be competing due to Sam’s injury. My guess is Chris. ;D).

Photo via Getty Images. Mykayla Skinner performs on the floor exercise.

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