All Around: How they stack up… The Women’s Side

With world’s less than a week away, I am going to be posting the average scores for all around, team, and events for men and women. This week we start with the women (because I have yet to organize the men’s scores). Below are the average (top 24) all around scores for each gymnast (that has competed in the all around) of almost 100 competitions from 2015:

Also, the gymnasts in bold will not be competing at world’s this year…

The alternates are not bold, however, because they could end up competing.
Rank             Athlete              Nation                             Competition                            Score
  1.        Simone Biles          USA             National Championships Day 2                63.000
  2.        Larisa Iordache       ROU             Romanian National Championships         60.900
  3.        Gabby Douglas       USA                    U.S.  Secret Classic                            60.500       
  4.        Maggie Nichols      USA                     U.S. Secret Classic                            60.000
  5.        Aly Raisman           USA            National Championships Day 2                 59.900
  6.       Bailie Key                USA            National Championships Day 2              59.750
  7.      Madison Kocian        USA            National Championships Day 2                 58.900
  8.     Aliya Mustafina        RUS               European Games Qualification          58.865
  9.    Asuka Teramota          JPN             Japan Student Championships AA              58.850
  10.  Alyssa Baumann          USA                   City Of Jesolo Trophy                     58.700
  11.   Mykayla Skinner           USA           National Championships Day 2                 58.200
  12.   Ellie Black                    CAN            Pan American Games AA Final                58.150
  13.   Aiko Sugihara               JPN             Asian Championships AA Final                58.050
  14.   Maria Kharenkova        RUS            Russian Championships AA                      58.033
  15.  Wang Yan                      CHN           Asian Championships AA Final                58.000
  16.   Elsa Garcia                     MEX            Mexican Championships                         58.000
  17.  Mai Murkami                  JPN                 Japan Student Championships AA        57.950
  18. Giulia Steingruber           SUI                European Championships AA                 57.873
  19. Nia Dennis                      USA           National Championships Day 2                  57.850
  20.  Ellie Downie                  GBR         Netherlands- Great Britain Friendly             57.750
  21. Evgenia Shelgunova         RUS            Batumi International                                57.700 
  22. Ana Maria Ocalison         ROU        Romanian Championships                          57.700
  23. Chen Siyi                       CHN          Asian Championships AA                          57.700
  24. Amelia Hundley          USA         Pan American Championships QF          57.650 

If the two country rule and the gymnasts not competing at worlds weren’t a part of this, it would look  a bit like this:

  1. Simone Biles   USA
  2. Larisa Iordache  ROU
  3. Gabby Douglas  USA
  4. Asuka Teramota  JPN
  5. Ellie Black           CAN
  6. Aiko Sugihara      JPN
  7. Maria Kharenkova  RUS
  8. Wang Yan               CHN
  9. Elsa Garcia             MEX
  10. Mai Murkami          JPN
  11. Giulia Steingruber   SUI
  12. Ellie Downie           GBR
  13. Ana Maria Ocalison ROU
  14. Chen Siyi                 CHN 
  15. Erika Fasana             ITA
  16. Isabela Onyshko      CAN
  17. Seda Tutkhalyan      RUS
  18. Ana Sofia Gomez   GUA
  19. Marine Brevet        FRA
  20. Flavia Saraiva        BRA
  21. Amy Tinkler          GBR
  22. I couldn’t find
  23. I couldn’t find
  24. I couldn’t find
Photo via Getty Images. Above is Simone Biles in 2015.

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