Team Final Podium Predictions: Worlds :)


1. Japan
2. China
3. USA

I’m playing it risky this year and chosing Japan over China. I’ve always thought that Japan has had MUCH BETTER execution than China. Although, China might have some higher start values but when it comes to execution, they don’t have very many gymnasts that are actually “clean”. Also, people have been saying that Japan is inching their way up there for years and I think that this is there chance to clinch the team gold. In the bronze medal position, I thought for awhile about Great Britain, the U.S., and even Ukraine. In the end, I picked the U.S. because I think that they have some very consistent members on their team even without Sam.


1. USA
2. Russia
3. Romania
( London Repeat ;D)

Obviously, USA is the favorite to win and we all know why. But let’s talk about Russia… Last year, many people questioned Russia’s ability to pull themselves together and medal at worlds. I never doubted them, though. I knew that they were missing some key players on their team last year which caused them to have several falls in the team final (most caused by nerves and not much experience) and barely land on the podium. But this year, they have many good gymnasts back and I can definitely see them landing in 2nd place on the podium. In bronze, I questioned whether or not Romania could medal, and in the end, I ruled out China. With no Yao, I say China will get 4th.

What are your predictions for the world’s team final????? Let me know in the comments below… 😉

Photo via Getty Images. Russia accepts their bronze medal at the 2014 World Gymnastics Championships.

Also, do you guys want me to do more world’s predictions??????????

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