What’s going on with Kyla Ross? + Special Fan – Written Paragraph :)

After a disastrous P&G Championships, Kyla Ross withdrew from the world selection camp. Gym fans all over the world wondered, “What is going on with Kyla Ross?” Kyla has always been one of the most consistent gymnasts in the world. Keeping her routines clean and simple she seemed to always score well. In 2015, after years of doing the same old routines, Kyla decided to upgrade. Gym fans were thrilled. Until, Kyla Ross fell! At the first meet of the season, The City of Jesolo Trophy, Kyla was having a great meet until it came to floor where she had many mistakes including a fall and only scored an 11.5. The next meet she competed at in 2015 was the Secret U.S. Classic. At this meet, she only competed on bars and beam due to a bruised heel. On bars she fell twice and only scored a 12.250. On beam she had a good routine scoring a 14.550. At the next meet, P&G Championships, she started on floor and fell on her final tumbling pass. She then moved on to vault where she scored well with a 15.050. On bars, she was having a good routine until the very end where she had a fall on her dismount. She scored a mediocre score on beam, a 14.250. On the next day of P&G’s Ross began on vault where she had a low landing and scored a 14.550. On bars, she feel once again on her double front dismount. She came back to have a great routine on beam and scored a 15.250. On floor she had some low landings and scored a 13.8. She was invited to the world selection camp but withdrew from the final round of the selection completely ruling her out of making the worlds team. So why was 2015 not the best year for her. Here are my thoughts. Kyla, was the only member of the fierce five to not take a break after the London Olympics. Gymnastics is a sport that can quickly burn you out and if you are training for 10+ years straight it can be hard for you to train and compete at your best level. Also, Kyla has been dealing with nagging injuries for the past year and she hasn’t gotten them checked out. Injuries obviously will majorly effect your gymnastics negatively. So, obviously it’s kind of a good idea that Kyla is taking a break because SHE NEEDS IT! Honestley, I don’t know what has been going on with Kyla, but those are just some of my thoughts. Let me know in the comments what you think has been going on with Kyla. Hopefully, she can recover in time for the Olympics next year in Rio.

A special edition: A Fan Written Paragraph – John Orozco Gets Injured (June 2015)

While practicing a double twisting back layout on a floor exercise passage on a Monday in June, John Orozco felt a sudden pain in his right leg once finishing.He immediately told his coach that he tore an Achilles tendon. His coach didn’t believe him, thinking that somebody who had suffered such a injury with such pain would be screaming in pain. But Orozco was determined to get help.
“I have never been the type to really freak out when I get injured,” Orozco said. “I do that on my own afterwards.”
He did not give the first tear until after his surgery came upon him later that week.  He refers to himself as a “veteran at being injured,” because he also suffered a torn Achilles in August 2010. He recovered just in time to compete at the Japan Cup that was only less than 11 months later. He then suffered a torn left ACL in October 2012 and returned to win a bronze medal(3rd place) on parallel bars at the 2013 World Championships.

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