Who’s going to Glasgow? Part 2 – The U.S. Women’s Team

               With the 2015 World Championships just around the corner, teams are being announced like crazy. Today, I am going to be talking about my opinion on the women athletes that the U.S. are sending to Glasgow.

  The Women’s Team:  
Simone Biles
Gabrielle Douglas
Brenna Dowell 
Madison Kocian
Maggie Nichols
Aly Raisman
Mykayla Skinner
with Alyssa Baumann
and Bailie Key
as the non- travelling alternates.
(The travelling alternate will be determined prior to the qualification competition on October 24th)

        Let’s talk about Brenna Dowell. BRENNA DOWELL! Throughout the entire year of 2015, NO ONE expected Brenna to be on the team. Specifically because she had joined University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2014 and was planning on not ever coming back to elite. And no one expected her to come back to elite. However, in the spring of 2015, Brenna announced that she would try and make a comeback to elite with the ultimate goal of finally making a worlds team. In 2013, she was named to the world team but just before qualifications, she was switched to the alternate postition. In 2014, she was the non-travelling alternate for worlds. So in that case, I’m happy to finally see her make the team. Another suprise… BAILIE KEY IS NOT ON THE ACTUAL TEAM!!! Many gym fans across the entire world awaited the announcement of USA’s team and I’m sure that 90% of them expected Bailie to be on the team. Even though I really, REALLY, REALLY wanted Bailie to be on the team and I expected her to be on the team, I can see why she wasn’t listed as an “actual” member of the team as she doesn’t really have a standout event. However, Maggie doesn’t really have a standout event, either. So, I can kind of see what Martha was thinking. In conclusion, I am shocked that Brenna Dowell made the team but I can see where she could contribute (bars, and she just got her amanar back), and I am sad that Bailie didn’t make the team but I can see why she didn’t. And one last thing, If somebody asked me who I am most happy about making the team I would probably say… Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, and Maggie Nichols. Maggie has become one of my favorite gymnasts of this entire squad in the last few years as I’ve watched her get better and better at every single meet. I am also THRILLED to hear that Gabby and Aly have made the team because they have worked so hard on coming back and they deserved a spot on that team. I’m also happy for Madison and Mykayla as they worked so hard to make their second world championships! I’m happy for all of the girls that worked hard to get their spot on the team. Congratulations to all the girls, though, they all work so hard and I’m positive they can pull of another gold medal winning performance. Good luck to all of them! 😀

Photos via Getty Images.


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