Who’s going to Glasgow? Brazil Edition….

With the 2015 World Championships just around the corner, teams are being announced like crazy. Today, I am going to be talking about my opinion on the women athletes that Brazil are sending to Glasgow ( I will do the men once I can find the team).

The Team:

Daniele Hypolito
Flavia Saravia
Leticia Costa
Lorrane Oliveira
Thaunay Araujo
Jade Barbosa

I can not seem to find who the reserves are. Julie Sinmon was supposed to compete but tore her ACL in a training session. Earlier this year, Rebecca Andrade also tore her ACL.
             With only less than one year left until Rio, these world championships are very important. They serve as a qualification to the Olympics and Olympic Test Event. The top 8 teams from worlds automatically qualify to Rio and teams  9-16 go on to the Olympic test event which will be in April of 2016. The teams that do well at the Olympic Test Event will qualify to the Rio Olympics. With the Olympics in Brazil’s home country it would be nice if they could qualify to the Olympics. However, gymnastics isn’t nice. With the position that Brazil stands in at the moment it could be difficult for them to pull out a top 8 finish. With other teams like Canada and the Netherlands also receiving similar team scores as Brazil it makes it even more difficult. So, I think that it is important that this year Brazil has a sturdy team. With gymnasts like Julie Sinmon and Rebecca Andrade injured I thought it would be hard for Brazil to put together a good team but, they ended up choosing some great athletes. Gymnasts like Daniele Hypolito, Flavia Saravia, and Jade Barbosa will help lead the team to try and qualify to the team final and the Olympics. Let me know what you think of Brazil’s team in the comments below and you might just be featured in the next edition of “Fan’s Thoughts”. Also stay tuned for “Who’s Going to Glasgow” Part 4.

Photo via Getty Images. Flavia Saravia ^

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