U.S. Announces Worlds Teams – The Fans Thoughts…. ( who’s going to Glasgow?)

In Glasgow the representatives for team USA will be:

Simone Biles 
Gabby Douglas
Brenna Dowell
Madison Kocian
Maggie Nichols
Aly Raisman
MyKayla Skinner

Six of these athletes will be competing, one will be a traveling reserve. Non-traveling alternates are Bailie Key and Alyssa Baumann.

I am pretty happy with the representatives chosen. They are all very talented gymnasts, and I’m expecting to see very high scores from these girls.

– fan #1

I’m happy with the men’s team. I hope they can medal even without Sam. Paul should help on high bar.

– fan #2

YAY! Brenna finally made the team!!!!! 😃 I’ve been waiting for this….

– fan #3

I wish Alyssa could be on the team with Madison. However, I’m sure the US can still do great even without Alyssa’s beam work. Mykayla Skinner should also help on vault and floor. This is a great team that I’m sure will do great. I hope all of them can make some sort of individual finals. Good luck to them all!

– fan #4

All the athletes (men and women) work hard and are fantastic athletes.!

-fan #5

Thanks to all the fans who commented their ideas! :).

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