Who’s Going to Glasgow? Part 1 – The U.S. Men’s Team

               With the 2015 World Championships just around the corner, teams are being announced like crazy. Today, I am going to be talking about my opinion on the men athletes that the U.S. are sending to Glasgow.

  The Men’s Team:  
Danell Leyva
Sam Mikulak
Alex Naddour
Paul Ruggeri
Donell Whittenburg
Brandon Wynn
with Chirs Brooks
and Marvin Kimble
as the replacement athletes.
                                              Personally, I am shocked that Jake Dalton wasn’t listed as at least some kind of reserve athlete. He is a huge asset to the US team on floor and vault where he is an individual world medalist on both of those events. He missed P&G’s due to a shoulder injury. However, the injury seemed very minor. Jake Dalton’s absence left the door wide open for Paul Ruggeri who made his first worlds team at the age of 26. He was the alternate for the 2010 and 2014 world championship teams. So, I’m glad to see Paul finally get a spot on the team. Another thing that surprised me was that Chris Brooks is a reserve. He finished 3rd all around at P&G’s and I expected him to be on the team for sure. I am not really surprised by any of the other athletes on the team. I didn’t really expect Brandon Wynn to be on the team at first but he could help out in the team finals on rings and possibly contend for a medal in the individual event finals. I think that the U.S. men have a sturdy team and are definitely in potential for a team medal this year. 

Thanks for reading this article! 🙂    Stay tuned for Who’s Going to Glasgow? Part 2 on the U.S. women’s team.

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